President Trump is repealing and trying to pull the USA out of as much of the mess left be the previous administrations as he can do on his own. He is receiving so much backlash from our own government for doing so.



At the Ballot Box!

Every single person who has come out against President Trump, Democrat OR Republican, needs to be REPLACED!!! It is not enough to just give President Trump "4 More Years" - if we do not do our homework, and send him a government body that not only REPRESENTS US - but that has sworn to UPHOLD OUR CONSTITUTION, and will Work With Our PRESIDENT to save our country from what these last administrations have sold it out to!

President Trump can rid the swamp of 1 or 2 people at a time. And pardon the pun, but it about "takes an act of congress" to get anybody out of any position in Washington, DC once they get there! But WE CAN! 

Now for the hard part, PATRIOTS. We KNOW what we will be doing on election day. I'm 95% sure, I'm preaching to the choir. But WE cannot go into that booth, click on President Trump/Pence...Then, just vote a straight Republican ticket and walk out. And leave everybody in Washington right where they are. 

We also, cannot be comfortable with just knowing that "we voted".  We have got to get pro-active NOW! We cannot wait til a week before November 3rd, to reach out to people! We need to be making sure everybody we know is registered to vote, if they aren't, or aren't sure, there is a place online to find out, in some states there is a place to register online with a valid drivers license, get the information (it is available on our website here) so that you can share it with others, or help people to check.

You can download voter registration forms to have available to help get people registered (rules are also found here). Or hold registration drives in your neighborhoods or go to neighborhoods that may be under served. Check with the people in all the  groups you may be involved in from Sunday School to your child's Little League team. 

When you are helping people get registered, find out if they will have transportation to go vote. If they will not, start building a list to create a carpool team from. Check with your church to see about using a van. These are things that need to be NOW!

I want to share a  statistic I just found out that frankly, blew my mind. ANTIFA members spend on AVERAGE 11 hours a week ACTIVELY supporting their group/causes. They aim to and regularly OUTNUMBER any event they "cover" (Pro--Trump, Right-Wing, Conservative) 3-1. Each member gives on average $12.50 a week to ANTIFA.

Whatever else you want to say about them, their organizational skills aren't being slung together by a kid in somebodies basement. 

On the other hand, Patriots spend less than an hour a week ACTIVELY supporting their groups/causes. We aren't organizing to protest every Democrat or Leftist event on the calendar. We are barely getting "Pro"-Rally's" held  in each state monthly...much less each week! And the really sad part of that is that some - Hell ANY - excuse given - is that "it's just not worth the hassle with ANTIFA" ....  PATRIOTS - have let ANTIFA shut them down!!! 

Which is why we have got to STEP UP OUR GAME, PATRIOTS! We cannot afford to go quietly into the night, as they would have us do.

We have got organize, we have got to make a commitment to our country, to each other and to the future we want to leave for our children and grandchildren! Surely, if you are a PATRIOT, then this is worth 11 hours a week to help plan how we save America, again. Surely, America is worth more than 2 cups of coffee!


ANTIFA's"come out swinging" approach is intentional. Because, as history has shown, time and again, Patriots are reactionary. We let the "other team" pick the fight, pick the battle ground, and then we stand down...until we finally say "enough". We wait until we are backed into a corner, until we suit up. Well PATRIOTS, ENOUGH. It's time to suit up! THEIR game plan is to push us into a gun battle, that has been their intention all along. So, that the "final" takeover of our country can then happen, without a full out war or at least allowing enough of one to get started to be able to declare martial law, they will never be able to disarm America, and that is the only thing left standing in their way right now. So, yes,  it's time for us to suit up & it's time for us to fight back, but  it's not time to give them what they've come for! It's time for us to disarm them! To take their weapons away! To take everything they try to  weaponize against us away from them and make them powerless. But we cannot STAND DOWN, we can not BE QUIET, we can not be SCARED to be OUT LOUD & PROUD every chance we get to support our COUNTRY! And to SHOUT ANTIFA DOWN! And yes, stay strapped, we still have a 2nd Amendment Right to protect ourselves!  AND WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT LIKE HELL STATE TO STATE TO KEEP IT!


It's time to Join AMERICAN PATRIOTS USA and find out how we plan to take our country back, how we plan to support our President, by sending him a Government Body that WILL work with him, and how WE plan to defeat ANTIFA. They say "their streets"... WE   say "OUR COUNTRY"!