So, While We Wait....


The votes have been cast. And they have been counted. Now, while we wait for the answers on the mail-in votes that got extended days to be counted & wait on the answers in the disputed cases where there may have been fraud carried out during the electoral process, we must not lose sight of what we, as Patriots, need to be doing RIGHT NOW!

I know it is so easy to get caught up in the confusion of what is going on as we flip from one TV channel to the next. We forget to look up and see what is 1 foot in front of us. We cannot do anything else as far as the votes goes. Turn off the TV. Listen to music, talk to your neighbors, just say a prayer, then let it go. Your sanity is worth it.

But, as Patriots, our job has really just begun. "What if Biden wins?" Everybody I talk to says this with panic in their voices. First, let's remember who we are. America. Let me throw a little cold water on the President Biden fire. It's a 4 -year job...America has survived worse-for longer. He's got a Republican-heavy House(while not majority), and a Republican Senate, he's got conservative heavy Supreme Court, He STOLE the election, the MAJORITY of America HATES him!(and even more so now) *Compare Rally's, Caravans, and Enthusiasm…Biden will never have the support of the "backbone" of America. His supporters don't hold jobs, don't contribute to society positively, and "didn't build that". They don't suit up & show up for the positive things that build America up. They show up for a check to Burn Loot & Murder. Not a very good plan to sustain a country…and we just have to hold them off for 4 years. If that winds up coming down to with weapons will have to be determined by what path they decide to take.

So, Patriots, what we need to do NOW, and every Saturday & Sunday until further notice is start our CALL TO ACTION and meet be on the steps of every State House in the Country at 12:00pm for 2 hours. There will be a sign-up book for all who want to be included when we begin out Muster Calls. This is not our time to Lay Low, Patriots. This is when WE THE PEOPLE Stand Up, Stand Out, and Stand Proud.

Whether or not The United States of America inaugurates President Donald J. Trump or Joe Biden on January 20, 2021, America is going to need us, the American Patriot to be ready for whatever happens next. And as we can already see, the rumble of unrest in the interim is going to require us to be ready NOW to settle whatever may arise in these pockets that are trying to rise up in our communities around the country. WE THE PEOPLE cannot allow our country to fall while our Government is in disarray. If WE don't step up, and we just sit in our living rooms, wringing our hands over what we are seeing on the TV, about things we can do nothing about…while right outside our front door the wolf is huffing & puffing---and we are letting him blow our house down…Then we are becoming the problem.

And Patriots, we can't become the problem. We tried to do the "right thing". We played by the rules. We watched repeatedly as the Democrats kept trying to destroy our President with false charges, impeachments…and followed his lead, let the Law prevail, followed the process as set forth in our Constitution, settle it with an Election. And now we are watching how they have very possibly been able to steal an election. And now we wonder, what is our "next right thing"? Are we always supposed to just "be nice"?

No. But we are supposed to be Just. Follow the Law. And sometimes, that may not be nice or pretty. And maybe, that's where we went "wrong" a few months back. And where we need to start getting it RIGHT now.

Starting with, Showing Up. Our Right to Assemble. We are going to let everyone know just how many Patriots are on this side of the Revolution. And if they choose Biden as their Commander in Chief, Donald J. Trump will be the Commander in Chief of the Patriots in the Revolution!


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