Maiden Voyage! American Patriots USA

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

Great first meeting Saturday! Swore in 12 new members. Following our meeting, we hit the streets. The town square in Dahlonega, was pack full of Christmas shoppers. We handed out almost 5000 Conservative Action Report newspapers, published by Dr. William Carter. We even got an official endorsement from Santa Claus! Several people came up and shook our hands and said thank you, for what we were doing. Only ran into two Joe Biden fans. Great day! Our goal is to have 250 boots on the ground by the 4th of July. I want to send out a big thank you, to the men with the American Brotherhood of Patriots. They stood guard outside the conference room. Antifa did ride by with a video camera, but they made no attempts to interrupt our meeting. The ABP, were ready for action. We take this very seriously and have zero tolerance, for the left's bullshit. Everyone has pledged to bring 2 new members next month.

We got our day started by watching John Birch Society's eye opening Video against the SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center showing the SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center to be a socialist organization spreading hate against the original Constitution and those true American Patriots supporting it; That the SPLC does this by comparing true American Patriots  which  they  hate with criminal organizations - of socialist backed organizations creating "confusion followed by delusion".

I think we accomplished so much at our meeting and I am so excited for us to get started on bringing these ideas to life!

2020 is going to be an Amazing Year folks!!!

Let's get this Party started!

Any questions, please feel free to call or email me personally. #706-973-1659 or

Have a Great Dixie Day!


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