Catching Up!

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm behind on our "post action reports", so let me catch up. We Have been extremely busy, which will only increase as the general election draws nearer. 

In May we held our Bikers for Boggus bike run. Great success! Over 250 biker's showed up. Badass Southern rock band. Speaker line up was awesome, Johsie Cruz, Derrick Grayson, Lucretia Hughes,  Josh Mote, Heavily Armed Christian and myself.  Of course the food, fun, and fellowship were great as well...but as usual the new friendships made were the highlight of the day!

The following weekend we attended Lucretia's Get Right Rally. I spoke at this event also, along with another awesome yourself a favor and check out Lucretia  page and catch the replay--much truth throat-punched! Also had several awesome musical performers throughout the day. And as, usual, great food & fellowship--and a day of making new friends! The Trump tour bus was even on site.

Two weeks later, we all attended Lucretia & Dave's wedding. What a blessing to be able to share such a beautiful day with these two who have become much more than just friends, they are family. I wouldn't have missed it for the world! Of course, she was a beautiful bride, but watching Dave's face as she walked down the aisle toward him...was priceless. We were all in the presence of an amazing true love story.

On the 4th of July, we held our Patriots Party Extravaganza, with a 10 speaker line up. We started off with a bike run, to kick off the Johsie Cruz and Derrick Grayson joint campaign. We rode through Johsie's 4th District, our last town was Stone Mountain. At approximately 12:45 p.m. about 50 of us riding Harley-Davidsons along with cars and trucks all decked out with Trump and Betsy Ross flags, entered main Street in Stone Mountain. we had no idea that the streets would be lined with 400 armed Black Militia Marxist. It was a tense situation  to say the least. We returned to Fallback Productions, and of course, it wouldn't be American Patriots USA without great food, fun and fellowship...and of course making new friends....and gaining new members!!!

Over the past year, we've formed quite the team. The We the People Team. We are supporting the Campaigns of several Patriots who have stepped out on faith from "working class America" and have thrown their hat in the ring and run for various seats in different levels of government. They are definitely shaking up the establishment! Our main goal is to Fire the Politicians & Hire Patriots! 

Most recently, we had lunch on Friday, with representatives of the John Birch Society. We look forward to working with them on some important events.

I was also on America's Web Radio with Johsie Cruz, Derrick Grayson and Lucretia Hughes, in Atlanta.

This past Saturday, American Patriots USA met with Senator Rand Paul, in Gainesville, GA . along with Derrick Grayson,  Johsie Cruz, & Lucretia Hughes.

Our website membership is soaring. Make sure you have become a site member by signing up & logging in above-and join the conversations in the Forum today!!  And if you live within driving distance, please consider attending our July 18th meeting in Dahlonega.

If you're not  in driving distance, please consider forming an APUSA chapter in your area. On July 25th, we will be starting a new chapter in Warner Robin's, GA. If you are interested in chartering an APUSA in your area use the contact form and let us know.

On Saturday August 15th APUSA, American Brotherhood of Patriots, Fallback Productions, America's Web Radio, Team Johsie Cruz for Congress, Team Derrick Grayson for US Senate, Team Mack McGregor for Lt. Governor , Team Jonathan Garcia for Governor and numerous III%  Militia groups, will be descending on Stone Mountain, GA. to say No to a Communist Revolution in the streets of America, No to defunding our police, No to violent and dangerous autonomous zones in our cities and No to Antifa! FUCK ANTIFA! 

Stand with us American's! United across all lines! Our Nation's survival depends on it!

We will follow that with a Rally in Washington DC on September 26th, to honor our fallen Martyrs like Lavoy, Vicky and Sammy Weaver, WACO, etc. We hope to have as many Patriots as possible to join us!

American Patriots USA was "born" in Dahlonega on September  14, 2019, after holding a Rally to Support President Trump & Honor one of our Fallen Band of Blue, Officer Dixon, who was murdered by an illegal alien.  After filing for our permit to have our Rally,  ANTIFA made so many threats against us in the weeks leading up to our Rally, that our Sheriff felt it necessary  to call in 600 Police Officers, SWAT Teams, & Riot Teams, from all over Georgia "to keep the peace" & protect us from what they promised to do to us. They did show up, as promised, " to out-number us 3-to-1"....and WE were patted down rougher than the TSA at an airport & not even permitted to take in a bottled water with the temperature that day being close to 100 degrees because of THEIR's all on video...check out our video page here on the website. 

So, we will be returning to Dahlonega for  American Patriots USA rally 2.0, before the end of the year! We hope to "out-number" our last year's  turn-out 3-1, hell 30-1, for our 1st Birthday Party! Hope to see you there! And hope the Police Officer's we have are the ones that want to come celebrate with us....we travel with our "protection"....III%!

Our streets have been taken over by Communist. They're burning our churches, businesses and our homes. They're  terrorizing our communities. They've taken over police precincts and taken over areas  of our cities.

Soro's backed Militant Marxist Militia have called for an all-out race war and the extermination of all whites. BLM & ANTIFA are the SAME side of the coin...this is a well organized concerted effort to force that race war, do not be deceived, This is not a Black against White  War, this is not even a Democrat against Republican or Left against's the Government-Swamp against the People - on "this physical plane"....but it is Evil against Good... As long as we are killing each other, why does the TRUE ENEMY have to do anything...except keep fanning the flames that make sure we keep killing each other. We The People have taken a Stand to say WE refuse to participate in this war of division - and WE have chosen instead to UNITE under One Constitution, One Nation, One People, One Flag, One God! They will not tear us apart.

If you do not get involved now you should run and crawl under a rock and shame your families.

What will you say, when your granddaughter ask , what did you do during the revolution grandpa ?

We are at war for our very survival as a nation. Have you ever stopped to think about what that really even looks like…for not only "us" on an individual basis? But even what that means for the world? When WE fall…there is no other "City on a Hill". This is it, man.  Either join our team or get out of the way.

​Hope to see everyone at our July 18th meeting at 1:00 in Dahlonega. We have got an awful lot on the table to discuss, and we need all Patriots to contribute to that conversation!  Come join American Patriots USA and enlist in the American Brotherhood of Patriots Militia. Please use the contact form to register to come to the meeting & get the address.

​So, yes we have been  extremely busy. But it has all been awesome. We sure have come a long way...we've watched ANTIFA finally get called a  "terrorist organization", when we've been screaming it from the mountaintops! Those wheels grind slow...but they do grind! We've watched - and supported - "the forgotten" men and women throw their hats into the "Political Arena" and shake the whole damn thing up! (thanks for the example, Pres. Trump) We've grown from "some fringe group" & being labeled "white supremacist" & "Nazi" "KKK" front groups by ANTIFA - and having our "past lives" thrown in our being recognized for the actual great things we are doing today to Defend & Uphold our Constitution & support Candidates that are running for office anywhere that are strict Constitutional Conservatives.

If you're a political activist, love America and our Constitution, as originally written and tired of the "politically correct" culture that has sold us out & ready to see some Real Patriots get back to work Making Our Country Great Again, then join us! Make your life count!

Time is of the essence. A storm approaches, can you hear the distant thunder? The wind is starting to blow.................


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