A Redress of Grievances

I, Chester Doles, rise on behalf of American Patriots USA, American Brotherhood of Patriots, the Great Citizens of Dahlonega Georgia, and on behalf of all of our Citizens that legally voted in our November 3rd 2020 Presidential & Local Election in the Great State of Georgia and wish to redress the following grievances before our Georgia State Congress and the Congress of the United States of America:

1. We The People have watched for FOUR YEARS as our President has endured constant UNWARANTED investigations by a sitting government simply because they did not like the man…or because of what they had to hide. -And we sat quietly while an inept government did nothing

2. We The People have watched over this past year as our Country has been torn apart, burned, looted and

rioted by these terrorist groups ANTIFA & BLM - with none of Governors or State Leaders doing anything to stop this madness.

3. We The People have watch our Country come under attack of this "Chinese Virus"… we've tried to 'comply' and do what we needed to help our country…while we watch it fall to ruins

4. We The People are now being told to Sit Down & Shut Up after we have watched the most BLATANT ACT of FRAUD ever Committed in Our States Election of Our President & in our Local Elections.


We have held hearing after hearing, showed video after video, presented sworn affidavit upon sworn affidavit, presented evidence after evidence, including 2 people admitting to their part in these crimes. We have hit brick walls at every turn because our Secretary of State has told everybody to dismiss us out of hand and not hear any of our witnesses or evidence.

We The People Have BEGGED for an INVESTIGATION! WE have come with a multitude of evidence & cannot get anyone to even look at it…much less start the investigation that is called for…BUT…this same Government found the time & over $40 Million Dollars to run an Investigation into our President based off of Fake & Manufactured material…that we have just been shown was KNOWN to be fake & manufactured material 4 YEARS AGO!

It is for this reason that we come before you today, and tell you we will not sit down & shut up anymore.

Our 1st Amendment Right says that We The People have the Right to have our voices heard, and we have been shut down at every turn. When the News, the "Press" announces that "The lawsuits didn't change anything" - IT IS A BLATANT LIE! Because the Courts have REFUSED to even HEAR A SINGLE WITNESS or LOOK AT A PIECE OF EVIDENCE! The cases are DISMISSED before they are ever HEARD, which is a VIOLATION of our RIGHT TO BE HEARD!

It is for this reason that we come before you today!!! WE WILL NOT SIT DOWN & SHUT UP!

WE THE PEOPLE watched LIES, "Irregularities", and whatever little buzzwords were used to try explain away the "weird" things that happened during this election. But, WE aren't stupid…and we aren't willing to sit quietly by and let our Vote…Our Freedom…OUR LIBERTY…be STOLEN!!!

WE DEMAND that you hear these witnesses, examine this evidence, and receive these affidavits.

Counting the same Fraudulent "ballots" over and over…is going to yield the same information… WE DEMAND to see the actual Ballots so that they can be forensically examined. WE DEMAND to examine the machines that were used in this Election. If this was the "most honest election ever" as our Secretary of State claims, let us examine the equipment that was use to confirm what he says.

WE THE PEOPLE Demand that GEORGIA Decertify our Votes in this year's Elections.

We have video's of Ballots being SHREDDED. When we called Law Enforcement, they refused to respond or take a report on the ORDERS of the GEORGIA SECRETARY of STATE!

WE THE PEOPLE feel that there are plenty of CRIMINAL CHARGES involved in all of the things that went into the "IRREGULARITIES" of the GEORGIA ELECTIONS and WE DEMAND that they be INVESTIGATED to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW!

And no, This is no longer about "TRUMP"…this is about our Country--about our CONSTITUTION….OUR RIGHTS! It's about AMERICA. They can mess with a "Man"… He can defend himself … but they messed up! … they went after OUR Country...and OUR Rights…and WE ARE PATRIOTS…and that - We can't let that go!

WE THE PEOPLE have had enough!!! THE SWAMP…This "Behind the SCENES" Government that has been "Running the Show" Is Going Away!!! THIS is just a start! WE THE PEOPLE decided last year we were going to start Firing all these damn Politicians & start HIRING PATRIOTS! WE realize there is no such thing as a Democrat or Republican. Every one of you will be finding out in the next 2 - 4 years whether we'll be keeping you or not!

As far as you sorry asses, Warnock & Ossoff, that tried to use MY NAME to hurt another candidate…it just proves the true low-life that we know you are. You have to go past 5 years of my present life to even get to any of the past connections to the life I used to live, so it's not like you didn't know the truth…you chose to try to hurt someone by not only lying…but you didn't mind hurting someone else, me & my family, who have worked hard to change our lives, just to try to smear a political oppositional candidate. REV. WARNOCK, you call yourself a "Man of God", a Preacher even, you get up in the Sacred Pulpit and Profess to Speak the Word of God….YET, even after all of MY TESTIMONY of MY SALVATION and turning from a LIFE that I was born into & raised up in that was cloaked in White Supremacy…that through the Redemption of a Loving God and Salvation of Christ I have been given a 2nd LIFE…I have turned my Life completely around from what I was raised in & everything in my public & private life - which is not very private, because ANTFA stalks me & my family to this day, can attest to the changes in my life, and still YET…YOU USED MY PAST LIFE TO ATTACK KELLY LOEFFLER SIMPLY BECAUSE SHE HAPPENED TO APPEAR IN A PHOTOGRAH WITH ME! Do you not preach on Salvation and Redemption, Reverend Warnock???

But in the end what it really shows is your connections to the ANTIFA Terrorist groups that continue to harass and stalk me, the same groups that have been tearing our country apart over the last eight months, the same groups that want to defund our police...these are the people you represent, Reverend, because the pictures and info that you used was the exact same ones that they have. Guess we know where you hold a membership…and it's not in our American Patriots USA Group!

ANTIFA-BLM--Socialist--Communist--Marxist----DEMOCRATS?? Whatever you want to call yourself this year… you're going away as well, Yes, I am Chester Doles, the thorn in your side … your favorite "whipping post" …

or favorite subject ….well, here's your little New Years Present…Go To Hell…. I have not been a member of any Klan or White Supremacist group in over 5 years, I have never lied about my past, the life I was born into, raised and lived…and eventually came to know through a loving God & Salvation that was not my true self & I have - with God's help turned my life into something I never dreamed possible…so either get with the times…or get over it…because what you write is not my life anymore! I am not in hiding…AND I am not a weapon to be wielded against ANYONE ANYMORE!

Keep Coming For Me….you come for one…you get us all.

Chester Doles, President Tex Simmons, Founder

American Patriots USA American Brotherhood of Patriots

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