Chester D.
2 nd Amendment & What We Stand For!
Josh M.

Greetings, Ladies & Gentlemen,

It seems my "reputation" precedes me everywhere I go. And that is unfortunate, not just for me, but for my wife & children, as well.

For any here who do not know, my name is Chester Doles, and yes, it is true that I am- or was - a 4th generation "klansman". I cannot help the family that I was born into, any more so than any of you could have chosen the family you were born to. So, yes, that is how I was raised, and it was indeed who I was for a significant part of my life.

But, life has a way of changing you…so does love..and so do children. I wish I could stand before you today and say that those changes happened a whole lot sooner in my life than they did, and that it didn't take a few hard knocks along the way to help me really start seeing that my heart and head really were not in agreement with the way I looked at life anymore…I didn't know it then…but I know now, God had begun a work in me that I would not be able to resist much longer.

It's been a long bumpy road…and I'm still growing and changing daily….I had--HAVE--a lot to change…sometimes quickly---sometimes slowly…but I've opened myself up to become the man God would have me be…and it hasn't been easy for a hard-headed, arrogant, "thinks he knows it all" that I've been my whole life.

But for how hard that part is, it's absolutely nothing compared to the hate from people who know absolutely nothing about me, or my family, or my life except a few old news reports or even arrest records. But because they have a political agenda that is completely anti-American, they find it acceptable to destroy me, my family, my business….our group---when the only agenda our group has is to try to keep our Country aligned with the Constitution.

None of us has denied that we got here without a "past". And yes, some of us walked away from the same "white supremacist" "Nazi" KKK" "racist" groups together…and wound up here…together---not because we are trying to hold onto any of those old extremist views that we could no longer reconcile our lives with…but because the one thing we did have in common & do believe in with every fiber of our being--is we love our Country. And we hate what we see is happening to it by the socialist agenda's that are being rammed down America's throat…and if the only good thing left over from our lives before we walked away from the beliefs we could no longer abide by--was the brotherhood of standing together for what you do believe in--well we will take that part with pride.

We are Americans. Proud Americans. Patriots. That shouldn't be something to be attacked for in our own country. As a matter of fact, anyone who is an American, and cannot say that, should be the ones questioning what the hell is wrong with themselves. Anybody who needs to dig up a man's past to destroy anything good and just he is doing TODAY to honor and uphold the Constitution of his Country is what is wrong in our world today, that is the person, or group that needs to be under attack by anything and anybody that is truly America!

And when our core group formed, we were 5 white men with a vision & a prayer. That doesn't make us racist, or KKK, or white supremacist, or Nazi's. That's just who happened to be our small group of men who had a profound change of heart, soul & mind…no doubt in my mind--by divine intervention from a loving & forgiving God--who somehow manages to takes the most unlikely and unworthy men---and just says "WATCH WHAT I CAN DO"…because I can promise you, it would be a whole lot easier, to just remain silent, not enter this lion's den - subject my wonderful wife & children - to take these slings and arrows… I could just go about my life, quietly…not bringing any attention to myself. I guess I could…

But, I don't think God turned me upside down and shook me out and started this work in me for me to just go quietly into the night.

So, with that being said, since our small group formed, we have been through many changes--some may even called "growing pains". But the one thing we have not been is a racist, white supremacist, Nazi or KKK "front group" or otherwise. The only memberships we have ever had to revoke has  been of members that did have continuing ties with these groups. And it has been hard to bridge the "great racial divide", but not because we are racist, but because we are continuously turned into a weapon, just like now, and wielded as being all of these things that we are not! We do have members from all races, religions & walks of life. It's just not the focus of our identity. EVERYTHING gets checked at the door. The only identity that matters once you enter our group is if you are an American. Because that is the only thing that matters to us. We do not play identity politics in our group.

I will end this with an open invitation to everyone who would like to find out who AMERICAN PATRIOTS USA really are. We do not meet in secret, we are open to the public. We do not discriminate. Come visit…come see for yourself. Then ask yourself WHY is it so important for a George Soros backed group to work so hard to shut down 1 group that has less thn 200 members?

Welcome to American Patriots USA.


Friends, the 2A Sanctuary County Initiative of course, is happening all over the nation, now…but we cannot afford to sit by and think that this isn't something we here in Georgia - or Lumpkin County - need to not worry about…thinking the rest of the country is going to "take care of the problem".

So first things first, yes, this is called the 2nd Amendment Initiative or Proposal for a Sanctuary County, but this is really about our Constitutional Rights…ALL OF THEM! The attack on any part of our Constitution is an attack on all of our Rights as Americans. And I'm not even going to play the political patty-cake game of trying to sugar-coat what to call these Anti-American Socialist that are trying to dismantle America…one brick at a time…if that's the only way they can get away with it. So, why start with our 2nd Amendment? Because they can scare the hell out of half of our country of the big bad scary gun! They demonize an inanimate object in order to make citizens beg the government to take away their God-given rights to protect themselves. And they are able to get away with it because sadly, most of Americans are so woefully uneducated not just on what our Constitutional Rights are or why we have them in the 1st place…but why  they are able to start with "the big scary gun". By using words like "semi-automatic" or the dreaded AR-15…. -- let's just stop with those two simple ones right there…. Does everyone here know what the A R is in the AR15? By show of hands- Assault Rifle? Automatic Rifle? Does anyone know what it actually means? ArmaLite Rifle, named for the company that developed it in the 1950's. So, our second question, what does "semi-automatic" actually mean? Would it surprise you to know that just about every single gun available for legal gun ownership for the citizens of our country is a semi-automatic weapon…from a pistol to a hunting rifle. It simply means you pull the trigger, and one bullet is discharged. Period. Anything else is fully automatic and already strictly regulated and not something anybody can just go pick up at the hunting supply store.

And speaking of regulations, another area that most citizens who are not gun owners…but want to pass all the laws for the legal gun owners…know absolutely nothing about…because the laws that are already on the books, that I, and every other legal gun owner that I know have had to follow in order to purchase our weapons legally already do everything that everyone is screaming for "more of".  I can promise you, you will not find a single legal gun owner who will not agree 100% with you that the unfortunate times that innocent lives are lost to gun violence are not tragic. We are no more thrilled when someone dies because of gun violence than I'm sure you are when someone dies due to drunk driving. Senseless loss of life, especially when someone is breaking a law that was put in place to help prevent it is always tragic. However, taking away someone else's rights because of another's criminal behavior is not the justice system our country is built upon. And in our most imperfect world, it still is the best system as compared to the rest of the countries. Background checks are already in place. People who, by law, are not supposed to be able to purchase a weapon, are by and large denied the ability to do so. I would deplore anyone who has never tried to purchase a weapon, before you cast your vote to give up any of yours- or mine- rights, go fill out an application, collect all the information that they will need for your background check, wait on your approval or denial, then if you find any part of the process lacking or see room for improvement…then vote for those changes.

Gun owners don't "cling to our guns" because we're some backwoods hick or renegade rednecks. We are family men and women, who love our families & accept responsibility for their care and protection. Whether the 'wolf at the door' is a drug-crazed robber trying to break into our home in the middle of the night, a real live wolf terrorizing our livestock or a tyrannical government…there may come a time when I am in position where the only thing between me and my safety & my families safety is a bullet…and it is not a responsibility I take lightly. The Framers didn't come home from a rabbit hunting trip and sit around the fire when they decided these Amendments were necessary, they had just fought a tyrannical government…they knew…very well what was at stake. And I, and the men and women that stand in this gap for our Country with me, we know what is at stake as well.