Without a doubt, the biggest weapon wielded to shut down any American Patriot Party is to always turn our party into a "Weapon of Hate" by equating us along side true hate groups of White Supremacist such as the KKK, calling us Nazi's, saying that we we are racist and causing great racial divide where there should be none.  The government has been the instigator of racial divide, and outright racial wars, because it is what gives them power to continue to take away every single American Right - Human Right - we all have. As long as we can continue to always be at war with one another, we can never unite and see who our real enemy has been all along.

But, while on the subject of these "hate groups", for just a minute, if I remember correctly, the KKK wore cover over their faces to shield their identity and instill fear in their victims, they threatened and terrorized anyone, including physical attacks, on those who they deemed "unworthy" and needed to be "silenced". They demonized and persecuted anyone who even associated with the people they had declared "undesirables", so that people were being shunned in their own communities, over baseless lies.  

I can promise you there is not a single Patriot Party or Group associated with us operating today that does any of these things. And before you set your hair on fire, yes,I do realize that there are still some actual KKK groups that actually still do exists, however, we, nor any of the American Patriot Party's that we are associated with are in any way affiliated with any of these groups, and we totally disavow their beliefs & message.

BUT...there is a group today that is operating EXACTLY like the KKK. They've only traded their white hoods, for bandana's and other mask's for covering their faces. Instead of targeting just black (conservative) people, they are are now targeting Patriots, or anyone opposed to the liberal/left way of life. They are terrorizing people, by mob terror in the streets with attacks, they attack us on an individual level by spreading lies about us in our communities, labeling us as white supremacists, and making attacks on our character, they will destroy our businesses, or get us fired from jobs. They will harass friends & family members. If we have a website, or social media accounts, they will attack that as well, causing accounts to be shut down.


And nope, this is not any kind of White Supremacy Group. That's ANTIFA. That's the group that sent people to outnumber our Pro-Trump Rally 3 - 1 to shout us down while we said the  

Pledge of Allegiance to Our Flag, sang our National Anthem, and said a prayer to Honor a Fallen Police Officer who lost his life to an illegal alien. And to listen to three speakers talking about being a Patriot, and what they are doing in their lives to further the agenda of Patriotism. The only flags we had were the American flag, the "Betsy Ross" flag, and some "President Trump" flags. Unlike ANTIFA, we did not display ANY flags or signs with any messages of hate, curse words, threats or filth on them.


Because of the numerous threats made in the weeks leading up to our Rally made by ANTIFA, from physical attacks, bringing in water bottles with acid in them to throw on us, using drones to drop battery acid on us, bringing in backpacks full of rocks to throw and beat us with, just to name a few, led to several things, one being having 600 police officers there to protect us from ANTIFA. Two, we went through a a full pat down to go into the town square. It was almost 100 degrees and we weren't able to even bring a bottled water in, and I guess their "work around" for our 2nd Amendment Rights was we could keep our gun, just couldn't have any ammo. No backpacks, No pocket knives, cigarette lighters, etc. And even with all of these precautions, 3 ANTIFA Members were still so hate-filled and determined to disrupt what our group was doing, that they broke through all of the barriers to push through the middle of our group. Knowing what all of their threats had been, it was quite scary, thank God for our Band of Blue! They had them snatched up and drug out of there quickly! You can find videos of this day here.


We are American Nationalist, which basically means we are Proud Americans, who believe our country needs to get back to the business of being AMERICA.  We welcome ALL American Patriots to join with us in our pursuit of reclaiming America and returning her back to the nation she was built to be according to Declaration of Independence, Constitution & Amendments and Bill of Rights, and the letters of our Founding Fathers. WE have long held the 14th Amendment meant 100% this included our black brother & sisters. But until now, it has seemed impossible to overcome this great divide that was set up - not by us - but by US BEING USED AS A WEAPON - to keep the racial tension & division in place, and to even fan the flames to escalate it to riots and things that end like Charlottesville. By branding Patriots as racist, white supremacist, Nazi's & KKK, and setting US up to be protested against, setting US up to be HATED, we are shouted down & shut up before anyone ever even listens to our actual message. The Media has always been very complicit in keeping the "White Supremacy" message going...as you can see in just these few short news clips/videos here. As you can see in the videos, even the reporters all seem almost disappointed that their videos didn't live up to their headlines or hype!

Everybody has a past. Everybody deserves a chance to to leave their past IN THE PAST, especially when they've been making a "new past" and their Present Life is a whole lot different than their "FORMER" life. I don't know about you, but I'm really glad that every time my name is said, everything from my past isn't read off like a definition from a dictionary, defining who I am today. 


But that is exactly how the Media, especially if it is being fueled by this same group that fuels ANTIFA does all it's reporting when it comes to anything to do with any person or group that considers itself Patriot, Nationalist, Conservative...well, American.

The John Birch Society has been standing in the gap since 1958, an advocacy group supporting anti-communism and limited government. They've grown quite a bit since a group of 12 businessmen led by a retired candy maker decided to form an organization to fight an over-reaching government.

We certainly owe a debt of gratitude for them, and the many men & women who have served over the years..to stand & beat back the wolves who are constantly trying to shred everything our great country was built on.

It is our turn now, to take up our torches, and not give one inch of gained ground back. We are grateful for the information that can be found on the John Birch Society Website, in all of their publications, videos, and experience, strength and hope that their hard won battles have allowed them to pass on down to us! 

I've shared a few articles and video's, as well as links from their wealth of information here. But please, visit their website at www.jbs.org for more.

John Birch Society's eye opening Video against the SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center showing the SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center to be a socialist organization spreading hate against the original Constitution and those true American Patriots supporting it; That the SPLC does this by comparing true American Patriots which they hate with criminal organizations - See again Ezra Taft Benson's Warning Video above of socialist backed organizations creating "confusion followed by delusion".

This lecture was originally filmed in 1969 as a comprehensive introduction to The John Birch Society. The passing of years only serves to make this presentation even more impressive by illustrating that the Society's principles have not changed.