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Over 3,000 people died on 911 and no investigations as to what the people and businesses associated with them were involved with...

If even one person was murdered in this same city, what that one person may have been involved in would be thoroughly investigated.

3000 + people are murdered, and there is nothing said about the activities of any of the victims or the companies associated with them.

Manipulation of National Currency, Foreign Currency and Trade can produce serious consequences;

As clearly seen with the "Federal Reserve" investing in Foreign Banks;

All without transparent Civilian or Legislative oversight to scrutinize poor investments or, more importantly, corruption;

Result: We are now 1.264 TRILLION DOLLARS in Debt to China alone (see article below);

Our country is now quaking from the International debt caused by poor legislative governing of American Tax Dollars, poor corporate investments, and corruption associated with those investments;

Building 7 held many records of those companies involved in the World Trade Center.

The video recording of the firemen indicating that the building was going to be purposely collapsed is clear; The way the building falls is unquestionable.

The American Patriot Party promotes having a thorough investigation;

Not only of the buildings, but of the business activities of the victims and those associated with the victims; of the companies and their activities, and of all things leading up to the collapse; to find out what actually occurred, both for the families of the victims and the country.

Watch and listen to this video with it's many professionals. Then you decide.

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American Architects & Engineers Discuss World Trade Center Building #7.

John Birch Society's eye opening Video against the SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center showing the SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center to be a socialist organization spreading hate against the original Constitution and those true American Patriots supporting it; That the SPLC does this by comparing true American Patriots which they hate with criminal organizations - See again Ezra Taft Benson's Warning Video above of socialist backed organizations creating "confusion followed by delusion".